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We develop conceptual solutions while respecting the conditions and requirements that come from the project environment, with the aim of achieving economical and feasible plans. For the presentation of the basic concept project to our partners, we prepare an analysis of strategic options and visualization of the concept.


We create construction details of buildings that contain clear, feasible and modern solutions, which meet the client's requirements within the limits of construction. We design a unique, high-quality and pleasant space, whether public, commercial or private, that meets modern aesthetic and technical standards.


Our team of experts is experienced in managing and building projects with complex organization, complex technological processes and complex contracts. Our role is to set the foundations and principles of the project and to set appropriate technical standards, which will be contained in all elements of the project.

Housing projects

compact, urban, green


The first criterion by which we are guided in the design of residential buildings. We apply advanced technological and architectural solutions to enable a high quality of life and contribute to the development of the settlement in which the facility is located. The result is unique solutions that meet all the requirements of modern life.


The second criterion whose task in designing is to ensure the richness of life. This means a suitable combination of housing, workplaces, shopping and easily accessible leisure facilities. That is why we carefully choose the projects in which we will invest.


The third, perhaps the most important, criterion. During the design process, we pay special attention to the creation of a larger amount of free and green areas around the building. In this way, we ensure a higher quality of housing and emphasize care for the environment.

Care for the environment
in the design of residential buildings

Depending on the conditions, we plan the following in our projects:

  • car-free environment – positioning of parking spaces in underground floors for maximum green areas
  • construction of children’s playgrounds and training grounds for adults
  • building a pet park
  • parking spaces for charging electric vehicles
  • disposal of waste in special underground containers solves the problem of odor and environmental hygiene
  • smart planning of green islands for greater waste recycling
  • the rainwater collection system using special containers from open areas can be used to irrigate the environment, whereby, in addition to caring for the environment, the costs of regular maintenance are reduced,
  • energy certificate A+, which confirms special technological solutions and the installation of materials and equipment for low energy consumption.

Retail Parks

affordable, simple, modern


Intelligently located in traffic-connected positions, retail parks are easily accessible even during the city's busiest times. Customers no longer have to waste time in queues, but can do their shopping when it suits them best. Free parking is an added advantage.


The simple and functional design makes it much easier to find your way around the space, so every store is within easy reach of customers. Such a spatial layout significantly facilitates delivery and business logistics for the stores themselves.


The availability and variety of stores in one place meet the needs of a modern lifestyle. A handful of open space opens up the possibility of setting up additional content and activities in the fresh air.

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