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Ten buildings

This fairy tale of the 21st century found its home in Zagreb's Srebrnjak. The luxury residential complex "Silver Hill" with ten buildings was conceived as a peaceful oasis in the middle of the city, where the comfort and warmth of home are always a step away from the most important city events.

Smart Home system

Spacious apartments are a combination of natural and modern. Wooden oak floors, spacious terraces and elegant glass walls create a true modern symbiosis with the built-in Smart Home system.

European trends

Excellent control over energy consumption, simplicity of design and surrounded by nature are proof that "Silver Hill" was created according to the latest European trends.

City on the outside, oasis on the inside

Architecturally, it is located in the historical core of the city, and its appearance fits perfectly into the environment. Each house has its own piece of paradise in the form of a private garden or a spacious terrace.